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Scouts BSA for Girls

While Camp Ajawah has always been open and welcoming for Girl Scouts of the USA, we have not had an active advancement program for it since we never received any requests to do so. However what we did get was a lot of requests to do similar things that the Boy Scouts were doing while at Boy's Camp. Some of male members of the Girl's Camp Staff who are also members of Troops 33 & 100 would put on classes to teach the girl campers about things like First Aid, Map & Compass, Knot Tying, and how to properly lash things like Tripods.

With the recent change to membership policies for the Boy Scouts of America we now have several girls that we know of who are members of Scouts BSA Troops, (what used to be called Boy Scout Troops). They are now going to be actively working on merit badges and rank advancement during Girl's Camp the same way that the boys are doing during Boy's Camp.

This does not mean that anything will change for the girls who come to Camp Ajawah who are not Scouts. It is now just one more thing that is available to the girls as an optional activity.

All of the information below, (which was taking straight from the Boy's Camp pages), now equally applies to girls as well. After this summer we'll have lots of pictures of girls working on the same things that the boys below you are doing, and we'll update this page with pictures of the girls doing them.


Scouts BSA

You don't have to be a Scout to attend Camp Ajawah, but if you are one, this is the camp for you. Since it's founding by Troop 33, Camp Ajawah has had a long tradition of Scouting. With the founding of Troop 100 that tradition expanded into Camp Ajawah serving multiple Scout Troops. Today Scouts from many Troops come to Camp Ajawah.

All Boy Scouts should make sure that they bring their Scout Handbook to camp with them, as well as their Scout Uniform and neckerchief. We encourage all Scouts, (including Cub Scouts), to wear their neckerchiefs during the flag retreat ceremony each night.



Camp Ajawah is the perfect place for Scouts to get advancement requirements signed off. Most of the Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class requirements can be completed at Ajawah.

There are also a WIDE variety of merit badges that can be earned. Some of them include Swimming, Lifesaving, Motor Boating, Canoeing, Art, Astronomy, Athletics, Basketry, Camping, Chess, Cit in Community, Nation, and World, Climbing, Cooking, Environmental Science, First Aid, Fishing, Personal Fitness, Rowing, Small Boat Sailing, Wilderness Survival, and Wood Carving. Obviously some merit badges require some prerequisites be finished before arriving at camp. Other merit badges may be offered depending on which counselors are in camp.

Scouts who are not in Troops 33 or 100 should talk with their Scoutmaster about whether or not they can earn merit badges at Camp Ajawah. Some Troops have different rules about when and where Scouts can earn merit badges. If you Scoutmaster approves it you should bring a signed blue card to camp from him if at all possible.


Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Reviewpicture

If you are a Scout in Troops 33 or 100, hopefully you will finish a rank while at Camp Ajawah. If you do then at the end of Camp you will go through a SMC and BOR to finish earning that rank. Your new rank will be awarded to you at the final campfire on Friday night.

If you are not a member of Troops 33 or 100 then you should talk with your Scoutmaster before camp beings about whether or not you could do your SMC & BOR at Camp Ajawah. We have done it before for Scouts not in our two Troops, and are happy to do it for you as well. We can even purchase the merit badge or rank and award it to you at our final campfire on Friday night. If your Troop would prefer to award it to you themselves, we can just present you with your completed blue card at the final campfire as a token of your accomplishment.



Cub Scouts

While we don't have formalized Cub Scout advancement programs, we are MORE than happy to work with any Cub Scouts on things they need for rank advancment. Each year Cubs from Pack 33 come to Ajawah with their books and have our counselors help them learn Scouting skills. Most of our Counselors are Scouts in either Troops 33 or 100, so they can definitely help with Cub Scout requirements.

For more information on Registration, Information and/or Fees, please contact the Ajawah Registrar at


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