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Since its founding in 1929, Camp Ajawah’s purpose has been:

To nurture the growth of children
-       In their independence and self confidence;
-       In the knowledge and appreciation of nature;
-       In the ability to get along with others and to respect their differences;
-       In knowing how to love and be loved;
-       In a relationship with God


Camp Ajawah’s Mission Statement:

·         We value the place and the spirit that is Ajawah in the role of nurturing the growth of whole and happy people.
·         We strive to build positive self-esteem, self-confidence and independence through wilderness experience, while gaining knowledge and appreciation of the out-of-doors
·         We promote fun, friendship and cooperation while respecting differences within a diverse community.
·         We believe in developing a relationship with a God who teaches how to love and be loved.


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