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Girls' Camp Songs

A complete list of the songs we sing.

Mess Hall Songs:

A, B, C, D 
A Boy and a girl
Acorn Song
Ajawah Rouser
Alice the Camel
Alive Awake Alert
An Austrian Went Yodeling 
Ants go Marching
Blue Sky
Boom Boom
Bubblegum Song
Castle on the Nile
Daisy on my toe
Donkies are in Love with Carrots
Doodley Doo
Down By the Bay
Everywhere We Go
Gink Gonk 
Green Grow the Rushes-o
Have You Ever Gone Fishing
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Hokey Pokey
Humpty Dump
I Got a Girl
I Wuv My Rabbit
I Love the Mountains
I Want to Camp
I Wish I Were
If You’re Happy
It’s Been a Long Summer
Junior Birdmen
Keep on the Sunny Side
Little Johnny England 
Little Man
Minnesota Rouser
Monday Morning
Mr. Sun
Mrs. O’Leary
My Aunt Grete
My Dog Lima
My Father Slew A Kangaroo
Octa Kava Nuva
Old Dan Tucker
Old McDonald Had a Farm
One Finger, One Thumb
Other Day, The
Rattlin’ Bog
Rise and Shine
Row Row Row Your Boat
Russian Song
Sara the Whale
Shuny Muny
Si and I
Sippin’ Cider
Sixteen Tons
Sons of the Sea
Sweet Violets
The Red Rose and the Briar
They Go Wild
Three Bears
To Stop the Train
Two Short-Necked Buzzards
Wahsaw 42nd 
Way Up in the Sky
We’re Up at Camp Ajawah
When You Hear a Cannon
Yawning In the Morning
Your Mama Don’t Wear No Socks

Campfire Songs:

All Things Shall Perish
Blowing in the Wind
Canadian Wilderness
Chairs to Mend
Christopher Robin
The Circle Game
Cruel War
Dawn to Dawn
Everything I Own
Follow Me
Gypsy Rover
I Can Sing A Rainbow
I Want to Be Strong
If I Had a Hammer
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Long Road to Freedom
Lord Blow the Moon Out
Make New Friends
Nova Scotia
Old Stewball
One Friend
One Tin Soldier
Puff the Magic Dragon
The Rose
Rose, Rose
Scarlet Ribbons
Where have All the Flowers Gone?
White Coral Bells
You’ve Got a Friend

Closing Songs:

Mmm Hmm
Pass It On
No Other Year the Same
Spirit of Ajawah
Each Campfire


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