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CTFGirls' Sessions

Girls' Camp campers are divided into three age groups, called 'Units.' First Unit girls are between 1st and 3rd grade, Second Unit from 4th through 6th, and Third Unit 7th through 9th. In a typical Ajawah day, girls spend part of their time with their unit and the rest participating in all-camp activities.




A Typical Day at Girls' CampGame

The morning bugle call signals the beginning of each day. After breakfast, campers clean their tents and pick up the grounds before starting their activities. Lunch is followed by a rest period, where girls can read quietly or write letters home. Swimming lessons, boating, fitness, learning boy scout skills, and arts and crafts are popular daily classes. There is a free swim after the afternoon activity. Each day ends with a campfire in the Council Ring, where songs are sung and a story told.  The entire day is filled with over a hundred fun songs that she'll remember all her life!

Is that everything? Of course not! This is the basic schedule, but every day at Ajawah is a special event. Every session, campers rock-climb, pick berries, canoe, go on overnight camping trips, visit the nature center, tie-dye, and hike, to list a few of our favorite things. Every day we play different games. There are themed lunches, "come-as-you-are" pajama breakfasts, talent night, ghost walks, adventure day trips to Taylor's Falls, overnight canoe trips down nearby Rum, St. Croix, or Sunrise rivers, hayrides, and enough special events to make every day extraordinary.



Making Friends at Ajawah

The best parts of any camp are the campers and staff. The friends that you meet at Ajawah will keep you coming back year after year. Each day has periods of free time where campers can meet with new and old friends, take a canoe out on the lake with a pal, or work on friendship bracelets in the Craft Shop. Each session ends with a memorable final night, where hugs and promises to come back next year are shared with old and new-found girlfriends.

Some people are hesitant to go to summer camp (or send their child to one) without a sibling or a friend from home to go with them. At Ajawah, people make friends quickly because we cultivate an inclusive community. Prospective campers, we encourage you to attend even if you can't convince Betty-Sue-from-down-the-block to come with you. You won't regret it.

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