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It costs a lot to run a camp! From off-season maintenance to program staff and supplies, we run on a tight budget. 

We recently started buying all new beds and mattresses for campers, which unfortunately aren't cheap.  We also provide camperships to children with demonstrated financial need. Please consider a donation to our program. Your generosity will have a positive impact on a child and the camp:

A $5 donation is greatly appreciated. Every little bit helps
A $25 donation will buy the legs to make two beds a bunk bed
A $50 donation will purchase new rails for safety on the top bunk
A $86 donation will purchase a new mattress
A $98 donation will buy a single bed frame
A $185 donation will buy a complete bed frame with mattress
A $350 donation will allow one child to go to camp for an entire session
A $445 donation funds a full bunk system with two beds 

 If you would like to donate to Camp Ajawah please either go to, or contact the Camp Ajawah registrar.


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