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2019 Session Datestongues

At the start of each session, parents are encouraged to bring their Ajawah Camper to Ajawah between 2pm-4pm.  This will allow the staff enough time to finish preparing for the children to arrive.  Camp activities officially begin at 4pm. 

On the final Friday-night pick-up, the Staff and Campers will begin the awards ceremony and final campfire with parents at 7pm.  Parents are encouraged to arrive at Camp between 6:30 and 7pm to help bring their campers' belongings to the car.   A bugle call and flag ceremony will initiate the evening program.

Camp fees

The camp feesfor 2019 will be $550 for each two week session. There is a $135 deposit that is due when you sign up.

For more information on Registration, Information and/or Fees, please contact the Ajawah Registrar at


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