Boys' Camp Suggested Packing List

  • Swim suit (1-2)roofball
  • Shorts (3)
  • Long Pants (2)
  • Sweatshirts, sweater, jacket (2)
  • Heavy shirts (2)
  • T-shirts (8)
  • Underwear (Remember, there is no laundry service)
  • Socks
  • Pajamas
  • Raincoat (poncho)
  • 2 pair old shoes (they will probably get wet, sandals are also nice to have)
  • Hat that shields your face and neck from sun and rain
  • Mosquito net for cot (see below)
  • Sleeping bag or sheets and blankets for cot
  • Pillow
  • Old bed sheet for mattress cover (if desired)
  • Blanket for evening campfire
  • Flashlight
  • Beach towels (2-3)
  • Washcloths, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Comb or brush
  • Other toilet articles
  • Water bottle for hikes
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Sun-block (waterproof is best)
  • $15.00 deposit for Trading Post. (Our store, open after dinner. Each camper is allowed to buy one piece of candy each day. Personal items, stamps, bug-spray, batteries and cameras are also available.)
  • Stationery, pen, stamps
  • Camera (optional – nothing valuable!)
  • Baseball mitt (we have a league!)
  • Fishing gear (if desired)
  • An Ajawah T-shirt for closing day, if he has one
  • Boy Scouts should bring Scout Shirt and Neckerchief, Cub Scouts just the Neckerchief
  • Campers 11 and older may need equipment for overnight campouts: sleeping bag, ground pad, pack sack, pocket-knife

    PLEASE NOTE: Ajawah does not allow pets, radios, digital music players, portable game systems, cell phones, candy, butterfly knives and long-blade sheath knives, BB-guns or guns (play or real) of any kind.

    *****PLEASE MARK ALL of your child's belongings!*****

Make sure your child knows what he is bringing (since after awhile everyone's towel looks alike)!

The “Lost and Found” is returned to Westminster the week after Boys' Camp ends.

Mosquito Net – Fits over cot and ties to T-bars that are already lashed to the ends of the cot and tucks under mattress.