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Camp Activities

Ajawah Campers have the opportunity to gain confidence through learning skills such as swimming, boating, canoeing, crafts, a variety of games, and independent living.  They also have many opportunities to learn about living with others and the natural environment.  Campers are encouraged and provided many opportunities to take on incremental leadership experiences in a supportive environment.  The Ajawah staff is trained to provide a safe environment for campers and to help each camper have fun, make friends, and grow in self-confidence, independence, and to get along with others and respect their differences.  Ajawah is a supportive, nurturing environment.

Ajawah Campers have the opportunity to participate in many activities that we believe help to encourage the growth of whole and happy people.  Examples of typical activities include but are not limited to:

·         Red Cross Certified Swimming Instruction
·         Supervised Swimming (Lake)
·         Canoeing
·         Boating
·         Living in Platform Tents
·         Craft Activities
·         Family-Style Dining
·         Fitness Activities
·         Variety of Group Games such as Capture the Flag, Smugglers Over the Border, etc.
·         Talent Show
·         Camp Fires, Camp Fire Stories
·         Singing
·         Tournaments and Competitions
·         Rock Climbing at a nearby State Park (optional)
·         Overnight off-site Camping
·         Canoe Trips
·         “Adventure Day” Activities with Campers choosing from a menu of varied activities such as    Outdoor Cooking, visiting a Sculpture Garden, Innertubing, Hiking, etc.  These activities change from year to year dependent on activities available and the desires of the campers.
·         Scouting Activities
·         Rustic living and a variety of nature activities
**Optional Water Activities are open to those who have met certain swim level requirements


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