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Our Staff

At Ajawah, we raise our staff ourselves. The great majority of our staff has risen up through the ranks of Ajawah campers. They came back summer after summer to have fun and meet friends, but along the way they grew into confident individuals and valuable team members. As young adults, they return as leaders.

We find spending years as an Ajawah camper is often the best training for becoming a staff member. It's also a great interview. Our staff believe in the quality of the Ajawah program because they've all experienced it firsthand. Some of our staff members have been campers since they were seven years old, and the insight this provides them can be invaluable.



Our staff is young and relentlessly energetic. A team of friends, they push and support each other and the campers to try new things and to do their best to be the best they can be.

It is their genuine wish that every camper has a spectacular, positive experience, and they love to see campers return year after year.






The Director

Dave Moore has been Camp Director since 1959. Before retiring, he taught History at Edison High School in Minneapolis. Now he devotes his time to Camp Ajawah and Boy Scout Troop 100, a troop for Hmong scouts, which he founded in 1983. He also served as Scoutmaster of Troop 33 from 1965 to 2010. As a teacher, Camp Director, Scoutmaster and published author, Dave has devoted his life to young people. As a leader, mentor and friend, Dave has guided thousands of lives. Many of Dave's former campers have sent their children to Ajawah, where Dave influenced generations of people from around the globe. He continues to guide the Ajawah staff with more honesty and experience than you could hope to find anywhere.

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