swimmingFrequently Asked Questions

What happens on the last day?

On the last day, we ask parents to arrive at 6:30 for a program at 7 pm. Our Final Campfire is a time for us to recognize our campers' achievements and for parents to learn about their camper's experiences. We say goodbye to our new friends, and leave around 9 pm.

Do you allow electronics?

Nature is best enjoyed without unneeded distractions. Please leave music players and cell phones at home. Digital fishingcameras are welcome, but we recommend disposables (available nightly at the Trading Post).

Can I call my camper/parent?

Camp is a great place to learn to write letters. In emergencies, parents may contact the camp at 651-462-5720.

Where should I send mail?

Campers love mail! Send it to:

<Camper's Name>
Camp Ajawah
21600 Zodiac Street NE
Wyoming MN 55092

What about packages?

Packages may be sent to the address above,treasure hunt or dropped off at the reception desk at Westminster Church, where they will be picked up Monday and Thursday mornings. Please don't send your camper food or candy items.

Do you accommodate for dietary needs?

Yes. We often accommodate for vegetarians and campers with food allergies. For specific needs, please contact us by phone.

Are there any items that campers should not bring to camp?

Yes. We do not allow pets, radios, digital music players, portable game systems, cell phones, candy, “butterfly” knives and long-blade sheath knives, BB-guns or guns (play orpeace wagon real) of any kind.

Should campers bring money?

On opening day, we ask for a $10 deposit from each camper to set up their account in the trading post. Campers will not have any other need for money during camp. Please leave it at home.

Is there laundry service at camp?

It is best if campers bring enough clothes to last an entire session. Please see the suggested packing list.

Can I request to be in the same tent as my friend?

We try our best to honor such requests, but cannot guarantee these placements, particularly for groups of three or more campers or for groups with a large range of age. Some first-time campers request to be paired with a friend or sibling, but most returning campers know that wherever they're placed they'll have friends inside of their tent and nearby.


Have a question that isn't answered here?

Please call Dave Moore, the Camp Director, at (612) 922-4988, or the Ajawah Registrar at (612) 332-3421 X237, or email Ajawah Registrar at Ajawah@wpc-mpls.org.